• •   Jury Award for best Fantasy and Horror short film: 1000€ and statuette.

  • •   Jury Award for the second best Fantasy and Horror short film: 500€ and statuette.

  • •   Special Audience Award: 300€ and statuette.

  • •   Award for the best short film of Sierra Morena from Seville: 150€ and statuette.

  • •   Special award “EOI Sierra Norte” to the best short film, among the finalists, in English or French (original version): 200€ and statuette.

  • •   RTVA Award to the Andalusian Audiovisual Creation for the best Andalusian Fantasy and Horror short film: Bronze statuette “El Dilema” and broadcasting of the work in Canal Sur Television. (See guidelines for this award in ANNEX I).

  • •   Award for the best Fantasy and Horror Animation short film: 400€ and statuette.

  • •   Award to the best actor/actress from the finalists: 300€ and statuette.